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The Truth about Homeopathy

Extraordinary Cures Require Extraordinary Medicine


 BC Association of Homeopaths



National Center for Homeopathy Research

A plethora of proof – Homeopathy is effective!


 Steven Gundry MD – Blog

 The Revolution that is The Plant Paradox

Global Coherence Initiative

A science-based initiative uniting millions of people

in heart-focused care & intention.


Body Mind Spirit Directory

Conscious Living , Holistic Health , Natural Healing ,

Spirituality and  Green Resources


The Living Matrix

A film on the new science of healing.


In 1973, Sydney Banks, an ordinary working fellow,  experienced a spontaneous yet profound spiritual experience. This event uncovered three elemental principles that create our human experience:

Universal Mind

Universal Consciousness

Universal Thought

Sydney`s  insights into our true nature have initiated a rethinking of the field of psychology.

The Three Principles are pointing the way to a spiritual understanding that is creating a paradigm shift in our perception of human psychological functioning, contributing greatly to mental health and healing.

Syd often marveled, “Why me?” as he hadn’t read or studied philosophy or religion and certainly knew very little about psychology. He was just an ordinary guy, struggling like the rest of us to get through life, keep his marriage and relationships on track, make a living, and be happy.

Hence he was the perfect person to become the first example of the power of his new understanding to create permanent, positive change.

Sydney Banks became a world-renowned teacher, author and guide to innovators in such fields as psychology, psychiatry, education, business and even physics.

For over forty years, he remained dedicated to relieving human suffering through the sharing of the knowledge he felt he had been privileged to encounter.

His books and recordings remain  a most precious legacy.

Regenerative Nutrition

We consider this a MUST READ

Steven Gundry MD

The Plant Paradox


But here are some sensible suggestions

that can be undertaken by anyone in any circumstance…


Eat a variety of  whole foods

[excluding Whole Grains, 

members of the Nightshade Family, or Legumes] 


Don’t overeat.


Be calm when eating.

(don’t watch the news or read the paper)


Chew your food thoroughly.


Avoid processed food.


Try to eat more alkaline foods than acid foods (80/20)


It has been several years since we were introduced

to the joy of brewing our own “Booch”.

Having received a handsome “SCOBY” from a generous colleague we were hooked.  It was introduced to us as being more fun than a goldfish, and far less demanding than anything four-legged. Thus began our quest to learn everything about the ancient & wonderful art of brewing Kombucha Tea.

A little web research lead us to Hannah Crum,

the one & only Kombucha Momma.

Originator of KombuchaKamp, Hannah is a wealth of information

about all things KT and does she ever make it fun!


Stress, shallow breathing,  and a poor diet

can greatly upset the body’s pH balance.

As our body is about 20% acidic and 80% alkaline;

it is recommended that we consume

at least 80% alkaline foods and less than 20% acidic foods.

Most vegetables are alkalizing in their raw states.

Fruits tend to be more acidifying. Nuts tend to be alkalizing as are many herbs.  

We are grateful to

Colour Energy Corporation

for sharing their list of Alkaline Foods.